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Message: February 13, 2017

Measure S continues to make progress in Orange Unified as the Board of Education voted to approve the Phase I scope of work at their regular meeting on December 15. This work includes the construction of new science classrooms/labs, enhanced school site safety, and the elimination of portable classrooms.  Additionally, the Board directed staff and the architects to maximize design efficiency and assure equitability across each of the campuses by standardizing the new learning spaces.

The next component of the design process is to address the needs of our special education students. New special education classroom facilities will be added at the three facilities that need them and the fourth high school will have its special education facilities updated. Once the designs are completed, the teams will work with school site staff to test the spaces for functionality with the teachers who will be utilizing them.

While the design validation process with teachers is taking place, the architects will be analyzing the cost-to-life-expectancy of finishes and components that will maximize the District’s long-term investment.  Specifying materials that will provide the best durability for cost is clearly important in making sure that the finished products are both cost effective, functional and standardized across each of the campuses.  Reducing costs through standardization will conserve the finite Measure S resources for future phases.

Once all of the new learning spaces are defined and quantified, the architects will begin to design the buildings that will house Phase I’s classrooms and labs. Construction managers will then help to eliminate as much of the risk of unforeseen conditions as economically feasible by coordinating site-specific evaluations and soil testing.  Upon integration of the work between each site’s architect and construction manager, the project will be analyzed for any possible design element or construction methodology enhancements that could result in savings of time and/or cost while making sure to allow for the safe operation of the school throughout the Phase I construction process. 

Fast Facts

Did You Know?

  • Measure S will provide $288 million in locally controlled funds to repair and upgrade OUSD’s four comprehensive high schools.
  • Measure S will cost approximately $29 per $100,000 of assessed property value (not market value) annually, or about $108 per year for the average residence.
  • Measure S will help the District qualify for state matching funds of up to $60 million.
  • An independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee and annual audits will help ensure funds are spent properly.
  • None of the funds raised can be used for administrators’ and teachers’ salaries or benefits.
  • Measure S requires the District to set aside funds for ongoing maintenance to protect taxpayers’ investment.
  • Measure S is written to ensure that each of the four high schools receive an equal share.

    Measure S funds will be used to:
  • Retrofit older school buildings to protect against the effects of earthquakes and reduce the risk of damage or injury during natural disasters.
  • Update classrooms, science labs, career-training facilities, libraries and computer systems to keep pace with modern technology.
  • Modernize aging science labs and equipment.

    Excerpt From the User Friendly Budget, available online at

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