Orange Pre-K is part of the Orange Unified School District and consists of approximately 300 students, ages infants-5 years of age. Orange Pre-K provides services for infant, preschool and kindergarten aged students with mild to moderate and moderate to severe disabilities which, are identified through the Special Education assessment process. Orange Pre-K services students from various attendance areas within the boundaries of the Orange Unified School District. Our classes are divided into preschool, 3 year olds (2 hours per day) and 4 year olds (3 hours per day). Our Special Education teachers are teaching “double session”. Each class consists of approximately 15 to 17 students, one Special Education credentialed teacher and two to three Instructional Assistants. We also have 2 Preschool SUCSESS programs specifically designed for students with autism, with approximately 10 students in each class. The division of our preschool programs in our mild to moderate classes allows the teacher to ensure developmental and age appropriate instruction, using research based strategies and curriculum appropriate for their age. Orange Pre-K also implements a Peer Model Program, in our mild to moderate classes, which consists of same aged peers from the community participating in our Special Education programs. The Peer Models serve as social, behavioral and language role models for our students with special needs.

Orange Pre-K also houses various related services necessary to meet our students’ educational needs. These services include: speech and language, occupational therapists, a physical therapist and an adaptive PE teacher. The ability to access the student’s related services directly on Orange Pre-K’s campus allows for continuity and collaboration in each child’s program.

Orange Pre-K also houses Orange Unified School District’s screening and assessment teams. The teams’ role includes the screening of students within our district boundary area and/or assessment in areas of suspected disability. IEP team meetings are held on Orange Pre-K’s campus following the initial assessment process. In addition, to initial IEP team meetings, annual and triennial meetings are held for those students who attend Orange Pre-K.

For many of our students and their families, their experience at Orange Pre-K is their first in public education. Our staff works collaboratively to ensure our students’ educational needs are met while creating a nurturing environment that promotes family involvement and support as they learn to navigate their student’s special education program and needs.