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The Orange Unified School District defines a child that is ready for school as one that is healthy, and ready to learn when they enter kindergarten.

DJI_Crayon_apple_c.png WE BELIEVE THAT……

  1. Each child can succeed in school and reach his/her potential.
  2. Beginning with preschool, OUSD teachers prepare students for the expectations of college and careers by infusing instruction with 21st century skills. These include creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.
  3. Parents and/or guardians are the first and most important teachers and are valued partners with teachers throughout the child’s education.
  4. Teachers are prepared to respond to each child’s individual learning style.
  5. Individual and cultural differences are to be valued and supported.
  6. Communication, training, resources and support are critical areas for successful achievement of “ready kids” and “ready schools”.
  7. Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten provide an appropriate transition between preschool and first grade.
  8. A variety of teaching methods are used to meet the needs and learning styles of each individual child.
  9. Reading instruction starts with a strong base of phonetic awareness and beginning phonics instruction and is centered on literacy themes.
  10. Math concepts and skills are developed through real-life, hands-on experiences using concrete objects, pictures, technology and literature.
  11. A strong partnership between school, family, and the child is an important link to school success.


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