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Preschool Curriculum
Houghton Mifflin PRE-K

Houghton Mifflin PRE-K is a hands-on, minds-on curriculum that is based on scientific research. Aligned with key Pre-K learning goals, it provides children with the foundational skills they need to succeed as lifelong learners.

  • A comprehensive, integrated curriculum provides everything you need for your Pre-K day.
  • Flexible materials fit your classroom.
  • Age-appropriate resources benefit all Pre-K learners.
  • 10 Themes taught throughout the year: Welcome to School!, My Family, My Community, My Five Senses, Seasons All Around, Animals Everywhere, Construction Zone, In the City, In the Country, Let’s Move!, Growing and Changing, Ready for Kindergarten!

MTWMath Their Way is a hands on approach to math. Math Their way helps children to develop an understanding of the patterns of mathematics through the use of concrete materials. The activities are designed to help young children see relationships and interconnections in mathematics and to enable them to deal with flexibly with mathematical ideas and concepts. Math is a program created by the Mind Research Institute. The games are played on i-pads and are designed to boost math comprehension and proficiency through visual learning. Our teachers provide instruction and students have the opportunity to interact with games daily. There is a home-school connection for those students who would like to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

Hampton Brown.png Hampton-Brown Avenues Pre-K English Language Development Program provides developmentally-appropriate, systematic support for oral language development of children who have a first language other than English. Each Avenues Pre-K unit promotes concepts, vocabulary, language function, and language pattern with songs, chants, big books, and Lizzie the Language Lizard puppet. The program is aligned with the English Language Development program, also published by Hampton-Brown, utilized for English Learners.

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